Friday, March 25, 2011

Everything you wanted to know about....Baby Food

One of our followers created this wonderful how-to guide on Baby Food!!

THANKS Julie!!!

Hurray for our followers!! We do have the best group on the internet!

Making your own baby food is fast, cheap and most importantly Healthy. The possibilities are endless. I usually make a fruit blend and a veggies blend. If your child is just starting baby food, start off trying each one individually. First I go through my basket and pick out all the fruit that is ripe.
Here is a list of foods that I throw in
Apples (I make applesauce or pearsauce then use it for a liquid in the blending process)
Zucchini or yellow Squash (grated)
Flax seed

Cooked (steamed with a little water, drained and cooled)

Crockpot or boiled

Sweet potatoes or yams

Pick your selection and add it to your blender, food processor or magic bullet. Make sure all of the produce has been cleaned, peeled, and diced. In the picture above I have mangos, blackberries, blueberries, raw spinach (I add it to everything) and homemade applesauce for the liquid. If you mixture is too dry try adding more fruit that is real juicy or applesauce. I try to add as little of water as possible and try to use as much raw produce as I can. The veggies mixture I steam multiple veggies all at the same time, drain it and throw it in the blender. Sweet potatoes and yams are a great way to add liquid to your baby food and easy to cook. Add your yams and/or sweet potatoes to your crockpot and an inch of water. Cook for a couple of hours. The peels will fall off and the potato will be soft enough to mash with a fork.

When your mixture is done pour into an ice cube tray covered with saran wrap. freeze over night. When the ice cubes are done pop out and put in a freezer bag that has been label with the ingredients and date it was made.

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