Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alright Gang
Here is some information on a Group Order for Walton Feed. Please see below.

A Walton Feed group order is being organized by Catherine Fredericksen (Lewisville TX Stake).  Below is a link to the website to view the product list and place an order.
North Texas Walton Feed Group Order April 2011
Please note the deadline to order is May 2, 2011.

Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family in the metroplex area, keeping in mind the delivery location is in Carrollton TX (unless heavy orders from a particular area warrant a change or additional drop location).  The website contains all pertinent information.  Please read it thoroughly before contacting Catherine with questions.

For questions about ordering you may have AFTER reading everything on the website you can contact Catherine at

f you wish to publicize this in printed form, please ask people to "Contact Catherine at Oil Your Lamp <> to request a link to the group order website."

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  1. do we know the estimated arrival date? or month?