Monday, June 27, 2011

Used Food Grade Buckets

We have a resource to buy used
Food Grade Buckets.

They were used for water testing and since they can only use them once they are more than happy to let us take them off their hands! Each bucket has a lid.

This is way the 2 gallon look like.
They hold about 10 pounds of food. Give or take. These are my favorite because of the ease of use and they are movable. I have one for kitchen scraps to be thrown in the compost each night. My kids use them for toy buckets ( we made a day activity of decorating them). My husband uses them when we go camping. The list is endless.

This is the 3.5 gallon. The nice thing about this size is that they are a standard bucket size and will fit any standard lid or Gamma Lids.

There are 1000 things to do with a bucket! Our scout group used them for High Adventure to keep their stuff together and protected.

If you would like some please email me at amy.jukes@sbcglobal (dot)net

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  1. hi!
    i tried emailing, but it said the email was not valid? anyway, i was just wondering how much the 3.5 gallon buckets were selling for!