Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 2010 Emergency Essentials Group Specials

Below is a list of our group specials. a few reminders.

Order are due Sunday December 19, 2010
Make Checks out to Amy Jukes.
There is no tax or shipping costs when order through our group.
You may order anything from the catalogue with no shipping or taxes.
Emergency Essentials website is,


Auto Buddy™ Emergency Light and Tool

REG$11.95 GROUP PRICE $8.00 we need to order 10 to qualify. This is a MUST HAVE tool in every vehicle, this light includes a window spike, seat belt cutter, LED flashlight, and flashing amber LED beacon. Also includes a magnetic base for emergency mounting. Necessary for quick escapes or alerting attention when help is needed, Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included).

Freeze-Dried Whole Raspberries

REG$29.95 Group Price $20.00 We need to order 6 to qualify. Find the taste of summer with freeze dried raspberries. Ass the taste of fresh raspberries to all you favorite foods. Cereals, oatmeal, Yogurt, ice cream and more! These even make a great snack by themselves. Net Weight 9 oz.

Dehydrated Green Bell Pepper Dices

REG $14.95 GROUP PRICE $9.00 we need to order 12 cans to qualify. Please note that these are not FREEZE DRIED. They are dehydrated. These green bell pepper dices are ready to use to add some zesty flavor to your favorite recipes. Conveniently diced, just rehydrate and use. High in Vitamin C.

Basic Auto Kit

REG$28.00 GROUP PRICE $20.00. We need to order 10 to qualify.
This kit contains many essential items needed in your vehicle in case of an emergency. These supplies were specially chosen to last in varying temperatures for years. Contains: 12 water

Pouches; 3 Hand and body Warmers; 1 2400- calorie Food Bar; 1 13-Function Knife; 1 Pancho; 1 12 Hour Lightsitck; 1 Emergency Bag; 1 5-in-1 Whistle; 1 9-Led Flashlight; 3AAA Batteries; 1 Box of Matches; 1 Pocket Fist Aid Kit; 1 Tissue Pack; 3 Pieces of Hard Candy

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