Saturday, December 18, 2010

How your Chicken comes

I recived my Chicken on Wednesday the 15th and met with JC.
What a nice guy! Glad to have found someone so great to work with!
Here is what the chicken looks like. Please be kind I took these pictures with my Iphone.

Notice the Box is Dated Dec 14th. That makes my chicken only 1 day old! Also note the 1% water. In the grociery store it is labled up to 15% water or broth!

Here is the side profile of the Box. Not huge but it is heavy!

This is one 10lbs bag on the cookie sheet.
This is on a large cookie sheet. These were nice big breasts.

I made up 12 packages out of the 66 pounds. Most had only 3 breasts.

I knew some were concerned over space. This all fit on one shelf in my side by side Frig/Freezer.

If you did not order please call Zaycon Today and you might be able to get a box off the truck!

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